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Anybody know of any read-alikes to Carl Reiner's books, I've read 'em all and am looking to move on.
I know Woody Allen has a new book of short stories and I've already read his other books.
Ditto for Steve Martin(Shopgirl and The Pleasure of My Company are fantastic, especially the audiobook versions).
A few Terry Pratchett books are on my to-be-read shelf now.
Anybody have any other suggestions?
posted by Oleg K.

What is it that you like about Reiner's books? CMed
- I really like the quirky characters and humorous dialogue. Also, his novels are mostly short, but I don't care about that. OK
Boy, do I have a good one for you…Read You're Lucky You're Funny! by Phil Rosenthal. CMC
- Does anyone have any other suggestions? OK.
If you're a fan of Neil Simon's plays, his memoirs are also very funny and filled with quirky real-life characters. MEM
- I love Neil Simon and have seen several of his plays. Will be sure to seek out his memoirs. Thanks! OK

I've read books about the restauraunt business by a dishwasher, chef, and waitress. Now, to complete my tour of the restauraunt world, I'm looking for something to read from the perspective of a customer. Note that I'm more interested in the human interaction and subculture appeal of the aforementioned reads — meaning I won't understand much foodie-talk — perhaps someone can suggest a novel or non-fiction based around a restauraunt(s) from the customers perspective?
posted by Oleg Clark Kagan(henceforth ock)

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