Below are some basics of the wikidot syntax. I anticipate these are the only ones we'll be using as a class. They come primarily from the top line of buttons in the Edit the Page screen. A few others you might need are 'horizontal line' and 'URL link wizard'. They are both in the second row, the first and seventh buttons respectively. Most browsers will tell you what each button does when you hover your mouse pointer(the crooked little arrow..tee-hee) over it. To spruce up your text in the following ways you can either 1) highlight the text, and click the button 2) highlight the text and press the command on your keyboard(i.e ctrl+b for bold) 3) Tag your text manually, as shown:

Bold: **importance** outputs importance

Italics: //the future// outputs the future

Underline: __read atop the lines__ outputs read atop the lines

Strike-through: use --that--this when making a correction outputs use thatthis when making a correction

Line: ------ outputs a horizontal line.

Link: [* anchor text: should be title of site] outputs anchor text: should be title of site

If you are having trouble with anything on the page (i.e posting, editing, logging in) feel free to contact me by e-mail: lifeinoleg at or phone: (818) 730 4381. Peace out, ya'll. -o

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