Welcome to the class wiki for IS 289 - Reader's Advisory (summer 2008) taught by Cindy Mediavilla and Mary Menzel.

The main purpose of this page is to act as a repository for our appeal book reports. By the end of the summer, I expect it'll be an excellent resource for future RA adventures. Also available on the site is a space for Announcements and Resources and RA Requests.

Below is a listing of the different types of appeals we'll be covering arranged in chronological order.

July 8 - reader's choice
July 15 - character-driven
July 22 - historically-set
July 29 - place-driven
August 5 - pace
August 12 - fear-inducing
August 19 - romance
August 26 - humorous

The conclusion of the summer session has brought the class to an end, but there's no reason we can't keep adding things to the wiki. Read a good book? Add it. -o

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